“How could I ever know for sure? The road keeps me wanting more,” croons Nashville-based singer/songwriter Mel McVeigh on her latest single “More”. And with Mel, “more” is exactly what audiences will be getting.

For Mel, the past decade of singing and songwriting has just been a warm up for what is yet to come. With plans to record within the upcoming calendar year, her musical resume thus far is more of a sneak peek than an extensive survey.

“More” has a distinctive, haunting Americana-blues feel to it but as with most of Mel’s music, it’s hard to fit neatly into one box. With a voice that is at once ethereal and sultry, Mel’s work is as varied as her influences. “Vocally, I think Tori Amos is a big influence,” says Mel, in the same breath as citing Third Eye Blind, Dave Matthew’s Band, and early Tegan and Sara as sources of inspiration. “I think all around I’m influenced by good, real, authentic music.”

“My brother started playing guitar when I was in fifth grade and I remember really liking watching him play. I thought it was so cool,” recalls the New Jersey native. “So he taught me a little bit here and there.” At the age of 13, Mel received her own guitar and continued her self-taught musical education, including stretches with jazz bass, stand up bass, and piano.

But the guitar is what stuck, and over the past decade Mel has continued her affair with music, recording and releasing both original pieces and her own takes on favorites like Dave Matthew’s Band’s “Gravedigger” and Avicii’s “Wake Me Up”. After seeing the Dave Matthews Band at the age of seventeen, Mel realized “music is so much more than just writing a song. It’s constantly reinventing it.”

The concept of reinvention is prevalent throughout Mel’s music, from the soft chorus of “Hey, Low” to the wanderlust imagery in “More” and even in the soulful, feminine touches she adds to her covers. Her own songwriting methods don’t follow a particular formula, but rather allow for additions and modifications throughout the process. “I don’t usually sit down with a goal of what to write about,” says Mel. “I write what comes to my head or what I feel, then I try to figure out what it’s about.‏” The resulting songs are never quite classic love songs or woeful ballads, but instead pieces of poetry with insights that allow audiences from all walks of life to relate while still remaining intensely personal.

“My music has changed so much over the years,” says Mel. “When I started writing I was at a different place musically than I am today. As I got older, my music did too. I’ve had more life experiences and I think my songs have ‘grown up’ some. I listen to some of the stuff I wrote and recorded years ago and I laugh because I sound so young.”

While Mel mostly preferred to work solo, meeting now-husband Ben Roland in 2009 opened her up to the possibilities presented by collaboration. “He helped me see outside what I had always known,” says Mel. Working with Ben allowed Mel to experiment with the possibilities presented by joining forces with other talents, and with the help of pal Garrett Cummins, the trio have plans to record fresh takes on some of Mel’s originals. “We plan on doing a lot in the near future.”

Stay tuned to find out more about what this up-and-coming talent has planned in the coming months.